MonoTouch app: NDC 2010 iPhone app in the App Store now

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My first iPhone app is available now in the App Store: NDC 2010. It displays information about each of the 120+ sessions at this years Norwegian Developers Conference. It lists the sessions by day and time, it lists the speakers and contains their bio, and it displays the latest talk on Twitter by following the #NDC2010 hashtag. If the latest version I submitted to Apple gets approved in time, it will also have the ability to plan your own schedule.

It was written in C# using MonoTouch. It is also an open-source app, so you can not only download and use it at this years NDC 2010 conference directly from the App Store, but you can also freely browse and use the source code in any way you want.

Here are some screenshots of the app.

I hope someone finds it useful.


Congratulations on getting your Monotouch app into the app store. And a huge thank you for making the source open. This will be an invaluable tool for folks like me to learn writing apps for the iPhone using Monotouch. Keep up the great work.


@Rams: Thanks for the encouragement! I'm glad you find it useful.


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Alex, First off, thanks for making the source for your app available. I'm halfway through building my first MT app and it stalled a bit after the news of 3.3.1. I was just wondering what your experience of dealing with the app store with an MT app was? It seems to me that they're pretty much being selective on applying the rules (as usual), but I was hesitant to spend too much time on it if Apple weren't going to let it in. Cheers Ira

Ira Rainey

I experienced absolutely no problems getting my app approved by Apple. There are now lots of MonoTouch apps in the app store and all have been approved with no problems. However, I (or even the MonoTouch team) can't guarantee Apple might block MonoTouch apps in the future. But everyone is confident they won't have a problem with MonoTouch. After initial submission, v1.0 was approved in 6 days. My v1.1 update was approved in 7 days. The latest v1.2 update was approved in 5-6 days. Cheers!


Hi! A really newbie(ish) question. Do you need a mac to use monotouch or can I use my regular windows based machine (used for .net development) Or can I use a Linux machine. As you can see I don't want to spend the Big money on a new machine.. BTW : I'll be grabbing your source !! thanks


@peter: You need a Mac yes. Answers to stuff like that can be found on the website FAQ:


Hi! THanks! seems I'm going to have to buy a Mac.... grrr..I'm you experience. assuming I know nothing about mono and the mac environment - but am very profecient in c# upto 3.5. Is it difficult in setting up the environment/IDE etc? thanks


Thanks for sharing the source code to your project. It helps remedy the dearth of good lengthy learning examples for MonoTouch. The code is nicely structured.


Hi Alex, Just like to say thank you for providing the source for this project it is a huge help for me trying to learn iphone and monotouch. A question regarding the structure, from what I can see TableViewControllers have been used for all of the views. How would I swap out one of the navigationcontrollers to use a ViewController instead? I need to create a view that doesnt require a table. Thanks Shane


@Shane: I instantiate a UINavigationController, and push UITableViewControllers onto them. But you can push any UIViewController onto it. Take a look at the AppDelegateUIBuilder.cs class - that's where I build the UI. This pattern is used: var navController = new UINavigationController(); var tableController = new UITableViewController(); navController.PushViewController(tableController, false); You probably just want to instantiate a UIViewController, instead of a UITableViewController, and push that instead. Or have I missed the point?


Hey Alex, Thanks for that....I feel pretty silly now for asking that question! thanks again and keep up the good work!